SUM UTILITIES MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD.(SUM) was established in March 1987 by the incorporation of group of engineers. SUM was named as SUM Intertrade (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd. as its first started and recently changed name to SUM UTILITIES MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. in order to represent to what business we are emphasis.

SUM is an engineering company engaged in contruction and installation of mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering works especially in water related activities. Range of services are such as water and wastewater treatment system, fountain, musical fountain and water features, landscape and sprinkler system, fire protection system, machine, piping and electrical work installation.

Depending on the nature of each project and customer's requirements, SUM can provide services on planning, advise, design, construct, supply, install, start up, commissioning, test run, operate, monitoring, maintenance and repair through range of services we are expertisa.

Through out 20 years of experience, SUM had delivered more than hundred of valuable projects to our respective clients. With our consisitent in the quality control for all the works responsible, our clients including government offices, state enterprises and private firms awarded us the repeated orders. Selective list of clients are represented in the other page of this web

Field of Activities

  • Water Wastewater Treatment System.
  • High Quality Water System.
  • Factory & Buliding Contruction.
  • Machine & Piping Installation.
  • Irrigation and sprinkler System.
  • Landscape.
  • Fountain, musical fountain and Water Features System.
  • HDPE Pipe supply and Installation service.
  • Fire protection System.
  • Sanitary & Plumbing System.
  • Pumping System.
  • Flood Protection System.
  • Electrical(Power & Control) System.
  • Environmental Impact Ipact Study and Planning.